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Explore the fascinating Trilogy that is the Thrillosophy Experience.  Join Anthony on a journey of discovery, and be a part of this voyage.  In the first book, Laura's Legacy, Laura learned about herself - about why she is here, what her purpose in life is, and how to be happy in her life.  In the second book, Amy's Amazon, she moves on to learn about our relationship with the environment, and looks at how to build an ecologically sustainable model of living.  In the third book, she will start to apply the philosophy of sustainable living to our society, looking at our social, economic and political models and structures.  We don't know yet what will happen to her in the third book, but it's a safe bet that danger and new lessons on life will be waiting for her on whatever path she chooses to follow.

Thank you for checking how to purchase Anthony's books.  All books are available in paperback and eBook format for all the major eReaders.  Paperbacks are personally packed by Anthony and shipped to all four corners of the earth.  eBooks can be downloaded directly from the site, and can be used on all major eReaders.  You can also purchase paperbacks as gifts and Anthony will ship them to the recipients address; or you can purchase vouchers for eBooks so that the person you are buying the voucher for can come onto the site and download the book themselves.

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