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Who has most influenced or inspired your writing?

I want to truly connect with people through my writing, and I hope that our heroine’s journey will help you on your journey through life. I write to fulfil my personal goal of helping people, with gentle suggestions as to how we might be able to make our own lives happier and more fulfilling, as well as submitting proposals for your consideration on how we can evolve our society to a more just and equitable way of living.


When I decided that I want to write in this vein, I had to take an honest hard look at myself. I’m no guru, no saint. I have made many mistakes, and I’m sure I continue to do so. I am not an expert in philosophy or any of the sciences. And so I wondered, what could possibly give me the right to throw out these ideas on how we might better live our lives? And yet, I believe I have learned a few things during my life thus far in this world. I have suffered, as have most of us, both physically and emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. And as is often the case, I think it is in suffering that we can most clearly see the lessons that life is laying before us, which we can accept or reject as we choose. I think I have largely taken these lessons on board, though I am by means perfect at executing them and putting them into practice!

And so I decided to write in the fictional genre, so that it is hopefully easier for people to peruse these ideas without feeling that there is any preaching going on. I don’t mind if people agree or disagree with the notions presented – for me, the important thing is that we are at least asking ourselves these questions, and considering the alterative answers, which are often unique to each person. It was this desire to write about the important questions of life, combined with the decision to do so in a fictional setting, which led me to Thrillosophy. I used writer’s privilege to coin this new word, a combination of Thriller and Philosophy. I was surprised to find an entry in Wikipedia for “Philosophical Fiction�, which is defined as “works of fiction in which a significant proportion of the work is devoted to a discussion of the sort of questions normally addressed in discursive philosophy�; but I would be honoured to be counted amongst the literary giants noted in that article as having written Philosophical Fiction; though some of my influences such as Paolo Coelho and Mitch Albom are surprisingly absent from the list.

Other influences on the philosophical side range from people as diverse as Plato and Augustine to Deepak Chopra, The Upanishads, Eckhart Tolle and Oriah Mountain Dreamer. On the thriller side, my single biggest influence was undoubtedly Robert Ludlum, whose books I devoured as a teenager.


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