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  • Walking Like A Monk

    Walking Like A Monk
    I read "The monk who sold his Ferrari" by Robin S. Sharma last weekend. I thought it was a great read, sometimes entertaining and funny, but packed full of practical wisdom on how to transform our lives. It was so good, and full of so many tips and practices, that I read it again during the week. Then I realised that there is almost too much in it certainly too much to be able to take it all in just by reading it from cover to cover a couple of times. Continue reading

  • Launch Report - Tuesday evening in Bord Gais Theatre

    Well, what a night we had on Tuesday evening, at the Launch of Amy’s Amazon in the iconic Bord Gais Theatre. This Blog post describes the evening, and has excerpts from my speech. Continue reading

  • The Writing Process

    To explain how I started writing, I feel I have to give you some background about both my personal history and the writing process itself, so please bear with me here. I was born into a semi-rural family farm in North County Dublin, Ireland. My upbringing was characteristic of the Ireland of the time, with a solid and loving family unit that was steeped in the traditional values that were then typical. One notable element of our family life that I remember to this day was the hard-fought debates every weekend, where no subject was taboo, Continue reading

  • Who has most influenced or inspired your writing?

    I want to truly connect with people through my writing, and I hope that our heroine’s journey will help you on your journey through life. I write to fulfil my personal goal of helping people, with gentle suggestions as to how we might be able to make our own lives happier and more fulfilling, as well as submitting proposals for your consideration on how we can evolve our society to a more just and equitable way of living.

    Continue reading

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