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About Amy's Amazon

About Amy’s Amazon

About Amy's AmazonThree years have passed, and Laura has changed her name to Amy Williams. She has been hiding from her deadly enemy in the Amazon, where she has started to fight to save the rainforest. US corporations descend from trying to frustrate her environmental activism to attempted murder, eventually joining forces with her nemesis in their efforts.

Amy and her comrades are in constant danger, being hunted by malevolent forces who stop at nothing in their attempts to kill her. Amy senses that fighting for the Amazon will cost the life of at least one loved one, and she wrestles with the moral choice of saving the Amazon while risking the lives of other people.

Amy’s Amazon is a breakneck page-turner as we race to an uncertain outcome.

As the tension ratchets skywards, the reader considers questions about the true nature of the environment and the possibly unlimited potential of the human being. An alternative view of the natural world and our place in it is considered.

There are views on sustainable living that cover the spectrum from the individual to corporations to society as a whole. Readers will find themselves reassessing their view of the environment, and rethinking how they interact with the natural world and with each other.

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