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The Thrillosophy Trilogy

Anthony’s first two novels explore the ultimate questions of our existence, from our purpose in life to our relationship with the environment. The third book in the Trilogy will be ‘Robbie’s Revelation’, which will look at the social, economic and political structures under which our society is organised.

Laura’s Legacy

Laura's Legacy Book CoverCombining the two genres of fictional thriller and philosophy, Laura’s Legacy follows our heroine as she flees from continent to continent in an attempt to accomplish her mission whilst avoiding the sinister and deadly forces that are seeking to stop her.  As she travels, she meets various allies with whom she discusses the fundamental questions of life.

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Amy’s Amazon

Amy's AmazonFollowing the same combination of genres as Laura’s Legacy, Amy’s Amazon is Book Two of The Thrillosophy Trilogy.  Our heroine is now in the Amazon, fighting an environmental activist struggle to save that environment while hiding from public and secret organisations that are trying to kill her.  As we follow her fight, we are invited to consider a different view of the environment, and indeed of reality.

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